Passion fruits prices hike in Soroti city

Passion fruits prices hike in Soroti city

Patient Caretakers in Soroti referral hospital are in panic as prices of passion fruits hike in Soroti daily market in Soroti city

The majority of the patient’s caretakers have now resorted to using Oranges to make juice for patients.

Robert Eraiku, a fruit vendor in Soroti Main market says the hike of passion fruit prices is due to scarcity in the market.

Meanwhile in a related development, Prices of beans have dropped in Soroti City from 4,000/= to 3,500/= per kilogram for retail and wholesale price goes for 3,000/=

Cassava flour which was 2,200/= for the past two weeks has now dropped to 2,000shs, a Sacket of cooking oil has also dropped from 9,000/= 8,000/= a litter.

Yellow cowpeas has shot up to 4,000/= from 3,000/= at a retail price and green cowpeas now sales at 5/000/= per kilogram

However Posho flour has remained constant between 3000-3500 depending on the quality.

Vendors say there is low customer turn up attributing it to the current economic crisis.

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