Tshala Muana, the Congolese musician dies at 64

Tshala Muana, the Congolese musician dies at 64

Elizabeth Muidikay commonly known by her stage name as Tshala Muana has died, according to her producer and companion Claude Mashala. She was 64yrs as at the time of her death

“In the wee hours of this morning, the good lord has decided to take over the National mamu. May the good lord and God be glorified for all the good times she has put to us on this earth. Goodbye my Mamu,” reads Mashalas’ post on facebook.

Tshalamwana the Karibu hit singer gained popularity across the continent from early 1980’s for her provocative Mutuashi dance that promoted the freedom of a womans’ body. Exercising no limits, Tshala Muana would thrust the head of men in her audience between her legs as she gyrated.

Born on March 13th, 1958 to her parents Amadeus Muidikayi, a soldier, and Alphonsine Bambiwa Tumba. She is the second born in the family of 10 children

The cause of her death is not yet known but she has been battling with an illness after suffering a mild stroke a bout two years ago for which she was hospitalised in Kinshasha.

Her song ‘Ingratitude’ was considered as an attack on Tshishekedi as it said the leader had turned on his mentor. She had been close to both Kabilas and believed that Tshishekedi had gone agaist the pact he had with Joseph Kabila

Tshala Muana joined politicks in November, 2020 in Kabilas government and as a presidential advisor in son and successor Joseph Kabilas government. she was once arrested by state operatives after she produced a controversial song that dissed an unnamed leader

She had been vocal on issues of women and children and the less privileged while serving as a member of parliament where she was nicknamed ‘Mama Nationale’ meaning Mother of the Nation

Muana, also known by the moniker the Queen of Mutuashi, started her music career as a dancer for the band Tsheke Tsheke Love in 1977.

Mutuashi is dance and rhythm from southeastern DR-Congo, popularised by Tshala Muana.

The multi-award winning musician is famous for several songs such as Karibu Yangu, Dezo Dezo, Kokola, Malu, Tshianza and Tshibola

Unlike many artistes in Congo and the larger African continent, the gifted Tshala Muana personally wrote her songs.

Described as versatile and charismatic, the artiste did not limit herself to the Congolese Rhumba genre, which is mostly composed in Lingala.

In most of her compositions and performances, the entertainer sang in her vernacular language of Tshiluba.

In 1984, Tshala Muana left the DRC for Paris, France a then-haven for Congolese musicians seeking to grow their fan base and also use the most advanced technologies to produce their music.

She has performed at least three times in Uganda, 1991, 1996 and 2009 and defended her Mutuashi dance and dress code, saying it was native to Kasai and therefore a celebration of their culture

Now dead in her sixties, Tshala Muana remains a musical icon in Africa, with at least 30 albums to her name

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