Disbursement of PDM cash to beneficiaries begins

Disbursement of PDM cash to beneficiaries begins

Government has kicked off the disbursement of Parish Development Model cash to beneficiaries around the world.

The disbursement of the PDM cash was launched by the Vice President, Jessica Alupo on Wednesday in Kayunga district where money was sent directly to four saccos

Alupo however noted that there is a need to be more organized in awakening the communities for increased production and productivity in both on-farm and off-farm value chain activities for profit.

“Therefore, our being here today and those that may not be here physically, both agree that the Parish Development Model advances the historical mission of NRM and the gospel of promoting commercial agricultural production, productivity, value addition, and marketing for better economic well-being and livelihoods of our people,”Alupo said.

The Vice President however warned against stealing and misuse of the PDM cash .

The national programme coordinator -Dennis Galabuzi Ssozi said that they profile the intended beneficiary to find out how much land they sit on, and their income status, before doing an analysis of whether one is a subsistence household or not by using an artificial intelligence system. “After that, beneficiaries in the system that have been categorized as subsistence then write applications through their enterprise books and a guarantee witnessed by enterprise members, appraisals both field and desk are done and thereafter forms are submitted,” Galabuzi explained.

“When you apply for a loan, appraisal form submission is done by the field appraisal. Thereafter, there is level one approval by the desk. Level two is the chairman of the Sacco. Loan agreements are signed and level three is the final approval witnessed by the chairman before payment authorization is done by the bank.”

Andrew Kabeera , the Executive Director for PostBank said that the development will see the beneficiaries transfer into the money economy.

He revealed that PostBank will manage about 2500 Sacco accounts out of about 10500 parishes (accounts) in the country.

“As government banks; PostBank, Housing Finance Bank and Pride Microfinance, we intend to come up with a solution to come all the financially excluded Ugandans and give them services that they can easily access from wherever they are, compared to other programs where the processes were long.”

He said he is optimistic that beneficiaries will better utilize the funds since the bank has the whole of next year to offer them financial literacy including educating them on how to use the system.

“As to how they are going to use the money, I think their Saccos are going to be in charge because they’re sureties for each other.”

According Dorothy Nabawanuka, one of the first beneficiaries from Bukujju in Ntenjeru North who received one million shillings on her phone, the initiative will help many farmers.

She says she requested for one million to enable her in rearing her one beef bull.

“This money will help me to feed my cow well until it’s ready to be sold out to the butcher,” she said adding. This money is much more reliable for me because it’s not for pressure like other loans. I can decide to pay every month or after six months.”

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