Mubende, Kassanda lockdown lifted

Mubende, Kassanda lockdown lifted

Government has lifted the 42 day lockdown it had imposed on Mubende and Kassanda to curb the spread of Ebola. 

The lifting of the lockdown was announced by Ugandan Vice President Rtd. Maj. Jessica Alupo on behalf of President Yoweri Museveni in a national address this evening. 

Alupo said the decision was made by the National Task Force after considering a decrease in the case positivity rate and hospital admissions. The country has gone 20 straight days, without recording any new case of Ebola.

Among other factors, the task force also considered the degree of adherence to safety, procedures by the population and the effects of a continuous lockdown on the economy and on residents of Mubende and Kassanda.

As of December 17, Uganda had registered 142 cumulative cases of Ebola with 56 deaths in the previous 3 months.

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