Who made your world cup team of the tournament

Who made your world cup team of the tournament

Lionel Messi has fulfilled a destiny which has been his since before birth and has brought spring back to Argentina – so say his country’s newspapers.

The Argentine press is filled with poetic prose, conveying the emotion of the journalists who have waited 36 years to see their side on top of the world again.

In newspaper Pagina 12, Jose Luis Lanao wrote that “it is spring once again”, describing Argentina’s flag as “sky blue and white like a cherry blossom illuminated by the open sky”.

He describes the country as “the world champion in soccer and joy”.

In another newspaper, Clarin, journalist Juan Cruz reminds readers that “football is made of roses and thorns” – while also inadvertently raising a question over Messi’s age. While Fifa’s squad list suggests he is 35, Cruz has him a year younger.

“Messi, at 34 years old, is the world champion, a trophy that he was destined for before he was even born,” Cruz said.

Argentina president Alberto Fernandez thanked the team, writing on Twitter: “Always together, always united.”

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