Katakwi In-laws Charged on three Accounts of Assault, Life Threatening and Theft Cases.

Katakwi In-laws Charged on three Accounts of Assault, Life Threatening and Theft Cases.

The in-laws from Gweri Sub County in Soroti district have filed about four cases accusing their fellow in-laws of Akoboi Sub County, Katakwi district, this follows the fight that broke out at Gweri Police Post on Monday 5th Dec 2022 around 3 pm leaving more than 10 in-laws from Katakwi injured

According to AIS Thomas Angulo the CID Katakwi CPS revealed that cases of Assault, life threatening, and theft and loss of property such as academic documents, money and clothes has been registered at Katakwi Central Police Station by Christine Acen according to summon seen from katakwi in laws

During the times when the two conflicting sides were asked to give picture of what happened, the clan members of Imalera-Itekok who were summoned to appear to Katakwi CPS yesterday at Katakwi CPS consistently said during the cause of marriage of the two Ooro Julius and Christine Winey Acen there has been logger heads and unbecoming  wrangles in family and on 5th December 2022 the two  broke into fight and they allege that their son Ooro’s life is at stake since Acen normal beat him , twisting husbands testacies and it’s on that background  the clan decided to seat for emergency clan meeting to return Acen to her ancestral parents where they met their fate of  assault before police Officers at Gweri Police Post.

According to them they feel total shock that after their in-laws of Gweri beat them before Police they have denied assaulting them and again show up in Police following them opening more cases against them.

According to the Gweri in-laws clan of Irarak led by John Michael Ebegu Apurukau father to Acen , Christine Acen wife to Ooro and uncles they have insisted on beating Katakwi in-laws .

They stand that their daughter Acen was beaten ,missing property such as documents and that prompted them to follow up and register cases of assault , theft , threatening and loss of documents at Katakwi CPS against Katakwi in-laws.

Julius Ooro, the husband of Acen explains that his life has been at risk since her wife plans to kill him.

Meanwhile a statement by Christine Acen when asked about accusations says she only demands justice since she was beaten, property stolen among other missing things.

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