Rice and Sugar prices in Soroti shoots up

Rice and Sugar prices in Soroti shoots up

The price of rice and sugar in soroti main market shoots up few days to Christmas.

Akg of supper rice now costs shs 4800 from 4500 and kaiso rice costs 4200-4300 from 4000 for retail price as a bag of rice cost 430,000 shs.

Sugar costs shs 4800 and 5000 from 4500 as 50kg of Kakira sugar now costs 218,000.

Vendors attribute the rocketing prices to high demand during the festive season.

Others commodities have remained constant, posho flour costs 3000-3500 depending on the quality, cassava flour cost 2000, millet flour 4000 as sorghum flour costs 2300 and 2500 shs 1litter of cooking oil butto costs 8000.

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