EU provides additional Shs5.8bn to support DRC refugees in Uganda

EU provides additional Shs5.8bn to support DRC refugees in Uganda

The European Union (EU) has announced an additional Euros 1.5 million (Shs5.8 billion) contribution to UN refugee agency, UNHCR to support Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) refugees in Uganda.

The contribution comes at a time when Congolese refugees continue to cross into Uganda to flee violence in their country.

In a statement released on December 24, EU said the contribution will allow UNHCR to support the reception and registration of 60,000 refugees in transit centres prior to their relocation to the reception settlements where they can have access to protection and national services.

Accordingly, this emergency support will also contribute to securing the new arrivals’ access to wash and health services in both transit and reception centres and reception settlements.

The UNHCR representative for Uganda said they cannot thank European Union enough for this timely contribution to the emergence appeal. The contribution will save lives by addressing the critical needs of thousands of Congolese refugees fleeing war and violence in Eastern DRC,” Matthew Crentsil,

He further commended EU for being a long-standing partner for UNHCR globally and one of Uganda’s greatest supporters of the refugee response, and called for more support to address critical refugees’ needs.

Uganda continues to receive more arrivals of refugees from DRC and South Sudan through the southwestern and northern borders.

Since January 2022, Uganda has received a total of 129,580 new arrivals from the two countries (87,567 from DRC and 42,013 from South Sudan) as of November 17, 2022.

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