Former Acting DHO Katakwi and Family Accused On Allegations of Poisoning His Own Wife.

Former Acting DHO Katakwi and Family Accused On Allegations of Poisoning His Own Wife.

The former acting district Health Officer DHO Samuel Amali and his family members are on spotlight being accused by their in laws for allegedly giving their very own life suspected poisonous substance. 

The in laws of Ikarebwok clan in Obar, Village, Amilimil Parish, Kuju sub county, Amuria district and those of Itollun clan Residents of Angorom, village, Angorom parish Amuria County in Amuria district have clashed accusing over poison their own married wife allegations.  

In laws of Ikarebwo are accusing the in laws of Itollun for allegedly poisoning their daughter Immaculate Aliokoit a nurse at Amuria Hospital.

Agnes Akwi, the mother to Aliokoit during the two clan meet yesterday said that her daughter Aliokoit revealed to her that she was going to die any time since her intestine was cut as result of poison damage. According to Akwi her daughter Aliokoit after eating local dish Eboo from her husband’s parents presented with vomiting and stomach ache and got ill. 

Its alleged that the day Aliokoit ate Eboo and presented vomit, stomach ache her husband Samuel Amali rushed to buy charcoal drug to neutralize vomit and stomach ache condition before taking her to Amuria Hospital for further treatment.

The aggrieved relatives, including Simon Emwat and Aguti directly accused there in laws for betraying them chocking their sister’s life in order to own her assets. “According to them the extent our in-laws not informing us about the illness of daughter looks an orchestrated deal to own the assets”. They said.

 Samuel Amali the former acting DHO Katakwi and the husband to Aliokoit denied knowledge of the alleged poisoning of his wife by either him or his mother who prepared the dish. Beside he says his wife has been battling with ulcer and heart problem for the last 20 years.

Amuli affirms that the only poisoning test they are aware is the only one whose tests was confirmed in south Africa ,the poisoning with an industry chemical which they suspected to have been done by one of the Amuria laboratory in charge whose father works in one of the industry in Jinja and Kampala since they had conflict at work.

Rev Daniel Opio of Amilimil Obar church of Uganda whose is father in law is accused on grounds that he confronted his daughter in-laws Aliokoit threaten to kill her, however he also denied accusation highlighting that after having logger heads with daughter he only mentioned that God is my only witch doctor as perceived by in laws but didn’t mean killing her daughter in-law.

He however, notes that they don’t have the capacity required to rule out food poisoning since their wife Aliokoit had a number of enemies and prominent people are behind it.

The In laws of Ikarebwok clan during the meeting resolved to have the two divorce but Aliokoit who was not in attendance is believed not to be interested in divorce.

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