Abandoned Akoboi H/C II facility in Katakwi district gets electricity

Abandoned Akoboi H/C II facility in Katakwi district gets electricity

The extension of electricity Power to Akoboi H/C II has excited the Patients, Health workers and many residents of Akoboi and Getom Sub Counties after being in total darkness without electricity for years yet the electricity poles pass by the road side of the facility.

The patients who are getting health services especially delivering women at night in the facility have expressed gratitude to the private security in charge of political mobilization in the office of the President Mr. Dan Mulalu for connecting power to their facility.

Akoboi Health facility that was built way back in 2001/2002 with its big catchment area of three sub counties of Akoboi, Getom and few from Katakwi has been running for close to 20 years without electricity power after the small solar mounted on building reduced its importance.

However, patients such Joseph Wandera , Esther Okori among others today 11-1-2023 were covered with speechless joy as lights were turned yesterday evening upon their arrival.  

Jessica Ruth Atim, a mother to Gabriel Ibwokotum attests that without electricity Power in the facility she was at risk of losing her exciting boy as result of lack of light in the facility.  

Erias Okwakol , Okello Peter, Peter Adipa,  residents of Oilotor, Awanyagola, of Akoboi Sub County and residents of Mukokoro, Abwanget in Getom who were present during switching of this power also commended Mulalu for the security rescue from darkness.

Meanwhile, Babrah Amoding, enrolled midwife nurse working at maternity department of Akoboi Health centre II too could not hide her excitement confirming that they had been grappling with the challenge of lack of power and could work in fear of snakes since the compound is dark. 

She added that the last 35 deliveries in the past mother was difficult because they could struggle with touches to handle emergencies such as stitching tired mothers and over bleeding after delivery.  

Dan Mulalu, who shocked people, said he is ready to deliver to the people of Ngariam and Katakwi as a whole. He also named other two grade II and III facilities to get electricity power and fencing as Olupe, Ngariam H/C III in Ngariam County. 

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