We bought our plates  alone not MP Bosco, Local women speak.

A section of Women in Usuk county in katakwi District in the Eastern part of Uganda have quashed the photos being circulated on social media that, the MP Okiror Bosco bought for them plates, saying its a lie , they called him to officiate the function only. 

They also blamed the social media bloggers for posting emages, adding this exposure has ashamed them. 

The Women who save in Ekeunos womens  FAL savings group, ( A functional Adult Literacy) in Aojabule East,Okoritok parish in Usuk sub-County county said, the Hon. Okiror Bosco, the Usuk Mp was given an invite to attend function as the chief guest but he dint buy any plate.

Jessica Acan the chairperson of the savings group said , her son Deogratias Aupal is an agent of the MP, an issue that prompted the members to invite Bosco.

“He dint buy plates but he offered his support of 500,000 to the group” Acan said. 

An Opion leader in Usuk, Mr. Ocimwa Simon peter said that, its a mockery just for an MP to claim he bought plates yet its not true. 

Ocimwa said, women have been putting a side five hundred shillings only (500) weekly (every Saturday) and the aim was for purchasing breakable plates (Enamel plates) at the end of the year then divide amongst themselves.

Aojabule East consist of over 100 women saving to uplift the livelihood of their families.

On 15th January 2023, while officiating the function, Okiro thanked the group members for always having a positive mindset inline to improving the income at a household level.


Each group member went home with a dozen of the “breakable” plates and a leddle.


In a rural whatsup group called “Usuk Youth Parliament where Hon Okiror is a member, a one Ignatius Musaazi Apuda noted that,  Mps should look for bigger things than officiating the giving of Just breakable plates.

A one David who is an admin of Usuk Na Ikoto Oni Watsup Group asked if one can’t afford a plate adding, it’s not worth to be celebrated.

Mr. Stephen Otukui a blogger wondered how leaders exploit electorates saying, that’s lucking what to do. ( his comment was from Katakwi youth Parliament).

“Oh my God, atleast, Goats, sheep or even trees are better but plates. Who told Bosco to buy plates, is it a demand from the voters”? Francis Ocen, a based journalist in katakwi responded.

“We respond to community needs from people who Voted for us “, MP Okiror responded to social media concerns.

But the insider notes that Hon. Bosco did not even buy any plate, saying they owned their plates to be for a politician.

They cautioned leaders not to politisise anything they find locals doing saying, it will make orgernisers of functions to doge inviting leaders.

Report from Uganda travel guide 

Katakwi District was created in 1997 and was formerly part of Soroti District. The 3 sub-counties which comprise Katakwi (Kapelebyong, Amuria and Usuk) belonged to Soroti until all the two (Amuria and Katakwi) got the District status.

It borders Moroto to the north-east, Nakapiripirit in the east, Kaberamaido in the south-west, Lira to the north-west and Soroti and Kumi in the south, having a projected population of over 307,032 people. 158,428 females and 148,604 Males with Ateso being the main language being spoken.

They depend on Agriculture with main emphasis on food crops such as millet, potatoes, beans, and cassava and others.

Expectations from Government 

By Using primary data collected from February to August 2016, the fundings show that, household vulnerability to poverty is more prevalent in conflict affected areas and it is not the same with those households living in secure and peaceful areas.

There is a high level of household susceptibility to falling back into poverty in the near future in conflict affected areas.

In designing policies one should take note of the diverse nature of poverty and vulnerability.

For the chronically poor households who lack economic assets, priority should be given to reduction of consumption fluctuations and building up asset base through a combination of protective, preventive promotive and transformative programmes.

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