LC3 and Five others Arrested in Katakwi for Arson, Aggravated harm among Other Counts.

LC3 and Five others Arrested in Katakwi for Arson, Aggravated harm among Other Counts.

Police in East Kyoga have this afternoon arrested Moses Iteit ,the LC3 Ngariam Sub county and other  five  men of Olupe town board , Ngariam sub county Katakwi district are now in custody for allegedly committing arson , malicious damage , Robbery , aggravated harm , and criminal trespass counts.  

The suspects arrested yesterday Tuesday are George Egau , Joseph Otim Former LC1 Agurur Village, Titus Tomore, Simon Peter Oranit LC1 Busina cell and  Patrick Okure is also arrested for assaulting Police officer. all the suspects  are katakwi CPS except Moses Iteit the LC3 Ngariam sub county who was this afternoon arrested in Soroti City.

The Regional Police Commander RPC for East Kyoga, Moses Mwanga Kitiyo confirms that the case number CRB Ref 15/19/2022 was opened in Katakwi CPS and later the case was taken to the region on counts of arson, malicious damage, robbery, gravitate harm and criminal trespass.

Property estimated to be over 250 m was destroyed after an angry mob touched 4 homes.  Also at least two people   also sustained serious injuries as result of this land conflict that started erupting on 19.11.2022 Friday while recent happened on Saturday 26.11.2022.  The homes burnt are for Ariko David, Aporu Edison, and Stella Akello, a mother to Aporu.

Moses Iteit , the LC3 Ngariam Sub county ,before he was arrested this afternoon in Soroti told this radio that although police are conducted arrest but some people have been abducted and are nowhere to be seen.

The land wrangle between David Ali Amanu and the community of Olupe started erupting after case was filed to courts of law and civil suit No 018 of 2022 where Eridok Sirazi through his legal Attorney Amanu David plaintiff versus 3 defendants Okudotum Joseph (Alias Acede), Okudotum Francis son of Elobat and Elobat Sidon who are his family lineage intensified.

According to some matters cornered outstanding conflict and dispute between Amanu and other residents that concern land interest and yet to be resolved by court include vide civil suit No. 014/2022-Angiro =Vs= Amanu David, vide civil suit No 018/2022 Eridok Sirasi =Vs = Okudotum & other 2, vide civil suit No. 017/2022 Amanu David =Vs=Oodo Simon Peter and criminal case No. 440/2021 –Ug =Vs =Angiro James & ice 3 others

David Ali Amanu who is legal attorney of Eridok Sirazi , when contacted says  47 hectares  of land in question that belongs to his ancestral father Eridok Sirazi of Ilogir Akima Isureta clan that he inherited as heir. But denied any allegation of shooting locals during arrest.

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