Parents irked with gov’t schools increasing school fees

Parents irked with gov’t schools increasing school fees

The parents of Katakwi district are irked to see some government schools who by last year had already increased school fees from the previous standing fee.

Recently the president yoweri Museveni pronounced ordering schools not to increases fee , but Ben Kiwanuka Angiro, the LC1 chairman for all Getom LC1’s says one senior secondary school that is government aid in Katakwi town council is seen through its circular later of last year deferred the government order by increasing the fees from the previous without consent of parents.

He says this will be responsible for the fluctuating number of learners since parents did not agree in any AGM meetings about the school fees increment.

He However, encourages parent to priorities in saving for education come February but not to fall into victims of lack of school fees because of non planed and luxuriate activities.

Angiro also noted that technical education is better for those unable to continue with secondary education in a bid to save to cater for future resources like treatment and household food.

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