Residents plead for Kilembe Mines Hospital

Residents plead for Kilembe Mines Hospital

Residents in Kasese District have appealed to Parliament to intervene in the fate of Kilembe Mines Hospital, whose structures were destroyed by the May 2020 floods after River Nyamwamba burst her banks.

The distraught residents lodged their appeal to the Committee on Health on Wednesday, January 26, 2023 during the committee’s oversight visit to the rundown hospital.

Eliphaz Muhindi, the LCV Chairperson Kasese District said that, they can not put the lives of our people at risk like our mothers who used to come to deliver from Kilembe.

The locals are aggrieved that after the floods, the Ministry of Health which initially supplied the hospital with essential medicines, withdrew support and only maintained funds for administration.

Florence Kabugho, the Kasese District Woman MP said, People come from far and when medicines are cut off, death declared.

Currently, only a small unit of the former hospital is hosted in a neighbouring trading centre offering limited services.

The residents said their right of health has been denied as the hospital also served people from Busongora North with its 13 sub-counties and Busongora South with 10 sub-counties.

MPs learnt that the Kasese Catholic Diocese, before the flood, held a mandate of administration and resource mobilisation for the hospital.

However, on expiry of their partnership, the diocese withdrew its support and also took away some of the equipment, which created more chaos with angry residents threatening to burn properties of the diocese and the office of the chief administrative officer (CAO).

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