Panic In Masaka City as Best UPE School Faces Demolition

Panic In Masaka City as Best UPE School Faces Demolition

Tensions are running high among the community surrounding Hill Road Public School in Masaka City because of the impending threats of demolition by the claimants of the school land. Sitting on top of Bwala Hill in the Kimanya-Kabonera division, this government-aided school has distinguished itself as a premier performer within the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program, earning accolades across the nation

However, its population of 3504 pupils is apparently on the verge of being displaced as claimants threaten to demolish the school to pave the way for private investment.  Sarah Nankyanzi, the Chairperson of the Hill Road Public School Management Committee, reveals a private claimant she identifies as James Taylor purports to have acquired the land from the Indian Association of Uganda, the previous proprietors of the school.

According to Nankyanzi, Taylor has already served the school with the notice of eviction to pave the way for the construction of a Hotel, despite having in place a running lease in the name of Masaka Municipal Council. She says that this is the second time such claims have been brought up, saying that they threaten the operations of the school and its development prospects

According to Nankyanzi, they are going to protest the impending takeover of the school land, which she says was erroneously disposed of by the previous Masaka District Land Board. Nankyanzi says they can’t afford to lose the school, which has served the biggest percentage of low-income earning parents in the area

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